What we do

SAS Law provides commercial, cost-effective legal support and solutions to businesses.

We are here to share your burden, stop you worrying about legal issues you know about (and those you’re worried you don’t know about) and help you sleep at night.

We are English qualified lawyers who have worked in the top London law firms and who all have in-house experience at blue chip companies. We understand what businesses are looking for in their legal advisers and the legal support they provide because we have been there ourselves.

You may already have a legal team and need support for a particular project, to cover a particularly busy period or a period of absence, or simply because the workload has grown to more than the existing team can cope with but not enough to need to recruit an extra person yet. We can help with that.

Or you may have no legal team in-house and need someone to act as a ‘virtual’ company lawyer for you. We can help with that too.

Although we specialise in working with software and technology companies, we don’t restrict ourselves to that sector. Among the clients we’re currently working with are media and marketing companies, global trading companies, telecoms and air transport companies, recruitment companies and asset redeployment companies.

We work on an international scale: our clients are based around the world and so is the business that they do. Using our network of contacts, we are able to manage legal matters across Europe and globally to increase efficiency.

Examples of issues we manage on a daily basis are:

Preparing and updating template documents
 Negotiating and closing out contracts
 IT matters and licensing
 Outsourcing agreements, in particular complex, global IT outsourcing contracts
 Managing partnering programs and documentation
 Advising on and negotiating procurement projects
 Developing bid documentation
 Managing intellectual property assets
 Data protection and other compliance matters
 Managing legal risk
 Competition and antitrust
 Dispute resolution and management
 Preventing and managing disputes
 Multi-jurisdiction contract harmonization
 M&A and joint ventures